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    L.J.T 2017 Bidding Presentation Contest (II): Practice Drill Field Bidding Presentation

    On July 22, L.J.T 2017 Bidding Presentation Contest (II) was held in the 6th floor conference room of Gold Mantis. After the preliminary preparation for more than a month, the contestants were very confident. After the opening, Wan Wangjin, Vice Chairman of L.J.T, delivered the opening speech. He told former experience of bidding presentation, taught the staff a few tips and encouraged the contestants to relax in the contest and challenge themselves.


    Wan Wangjin, Vice Chairman of L.J.T, delivered an opening speech

    The field bidding presentation was a proposition contest, in which the designers and construction personnel formed a team to participate in the contest. They prepared the bidding proposals in the preliminary stage, submitted the bidding materials and only presented the bidding materials on the contest day. In the conference room, the confidence of the contestants was praised by the judges; and after the presentation of each team, the judges also commented on the problems shown in the bidding presentation.

    The wonderful performance of the contestant teams:


    After a whole day of intense competition, the final ranking was as follows:

    First prize: Hu Bo, Zhu Xia

    Second prize: Zhou Wei, Cao Hui, Luo Wenbin

    Third prize: Tong Xing, Cai Shang

    Encouragement Award: Shi Jun, Gong Meixia


    Group photo of winners and judges

    So far, L.J.T 2017 Bidding Presentation Contest (II) was successfully concluded. The contest exercised the capabilities of the staff in project design, development of the tender documents and bidding presentation through three sessions of case analysis, preparation of tender documents and simulation of the tender site, so that the participants could personally feel the bidding process and tender rules, and demonstrate their professional ethics and team spirit. Everybody said that they had made self-improvement in the contest and hoped that they may have the opportunity to participate in such contests in the future.


    Group photo of all contestants